Bergen & Parkinson, LLC is pleased to announce that Attorney William J. Gallitto, III, an associate in the firm’s Litigation Practice group, won an appeal this week at the Maine Supreme Judicial Court (Law Court) in a significant dollar Tortious Interference with an Expected Inheritance case. The case, Mancuso v Mancuso (Mem. 17-105) involved allegations that the decedent’s daughter tortuously interfered with her father’s estate planning documents. The appeal focused on whether the Plaintiff established that the Defendant was the cause of the Plaintiff’s large disinheritance. After briefing and an oral argument, the Law Court quickly issued its decision on November 28, 2017 affirming the Superior Court’s granting of the Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgement. The Law Court found that the Plaintiff “failed to make out a prima facie case that [the Defendant’s] actions were the ‘but for’ cause of the extent of [the Plaintiff’s] inheritance.” The favorable decision ends years of complex estate-related litigation in which Bergen & Parkinson’s litigation and wills, estates, and trusts departments worked seamlessly together to defend the case.

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