Our support staff, many of whom are well established in the community, consists of a group of individuals that have extensive knowledge, experience and skills in all phases of the legal field.  They create a warm, friendly and professional office atmosphere, are team oriented and are dedicated to assisting us in serving the needs of our clients.


Christine Donovan is a probate paralegal in our Kennebunk office with over 14 years of experience in the areas of probate, family law, and real estate. Prior to joining Bergen & Parkinson in March of 2021, Christine worked for over 10 years as a paralegal in Boston and over 3 years as a paralegal in the Kennebunk area.

E-mail Address: cdonovan@bergenparkinson.com

Joan Hunnewell is a litigation paralegal with over 20 years experience in the areas of real estate, corporate, residential and commercial transactions, as well as bankruptcies, foreclosures and collections. Prior to re-joining the firm in 2009, Joan was the Agency Representative for a title insurance company in Portland.

E-mail Address: jhunnewell@bergenparkinson.com

Robin Johnson is a real estate paralegal with over 30 years of experience in the area of residential lending. She also has experience in commercial and corporate lending. Prior to joining the firm in 2000, Robin worked for several years at a local law firm and bank in the real estate department.

E-mail Address: rjohnson@bergenparkinson.com

Marie Morin is a paralegal in the firm’s real estate and business practice group. Marie has over 25 years working in the banking and title insurance industries within the York county area. Her experience includes residential loans and consumer lending as well as title searches.

E-mail Address: mmorin@bergenparkinson.com

JoAnne Wilson is a real estate paralegal with over 30 years of experience in the areas of residential and commercial real estate, title insurance, title search review, and abstracting.  Prior to joining Bergen & Parkinson in 2001, JoAnne worked in a New Hampshire law firm as a real estate paralegal and coordinated its real estate department.

E-mail Address: jwilson@bergenparkinson.com